January 9, 2012, Ali Wehbi was Awarded by the Lebanese President Michel Suleiman The National Order of the Cedar, Knight Grade.   2007, Ali Wehbi received the medal of "Lebanese Order of Merit”, from the Lebanese President, Emile Lahoud.   2014 - Honored by MP Bahia Hariri to emulate the Lebanese flag scarf, during the "12 marathons in 12 days, "one-man race to overcome autism", in Sai




April 2013 - Ms. Oueiss offered Wehbi a medal of honor as a token of gratitude on the occasion of celebrating 150 years on founding the ICRC (1863).   AUCE (American University of Culture & Education)" Beatch Sport Festivals
Under The Auspices & Attendance of his Excellency The Minister of Youth and Sports MR. FAISAL OMAR KARAMEH
Award to honor Mr. Ali Wehbi for his dedication in sport.
  2008, Youth and Sports Minister Talal Arslan offered a medal of honor in the occassion of The N2S Run to spread the message “WITH THEIR STRENGTH WE RUN AGAINST CANCER”.