Ali Wehbi,The Int. Lebanese Deserts Runner", who is becoming a legend in his field is an Extreme Runner, Adventure Racer, who has enjoyed racing in the most spectacular locations in the world.

Lebanese-French, father of two, and a member of ICT consulting for the EU project in Lebanon. Extreme challenges for 14 years, Wehbi has dedicated himself to fundraising and promoting awareness for humanitarian causes with several regional and international events. He has been awarded several awards for being the first Arab runner to accomplish local and global runs.


  • December 2018 Award of Recognition for Outstanding Community Initiatives to Support Autism Awareness. "Listen to the Autism Beat", from Maharat Learning Center - Dubai, UAE
  • June 2018, Awarded an Honorary Doctorate from the Lebanese International University.
  • Apri 2018, set a new Guinness world record for the fastest crossing of Lebanon on foot in just 1 day 15hr 49 min
  • 2012: Knight of the National Order of Cedar, awarded by Mr. Michel Sleiman, former President of the Lebanese Republic.
  • 2007: Lebanese Order of Merit conferred by Mr Emile Lahoud, former President of the Republic of the Lebanese Republic.
  • First Arab runner to win the "Global Limits Site Runner Heritage Award" (To date, only 17 runners have successfully completed the series.)
  • First Arab runner to enter the 7 Continents race, crossing over 100km in each continent, and in the most inhospitable climates.


  • First Arab to successfully complete four 250-kilometer, self-supported footraces across the hottest, coldest, windiest and driest places on Earth to become a member of the 4 Deserts Club. (To date, only 144 runners have successfully completed the series.)
  • 2013, he raised the Red Cross emblem at 90 degrees, the place known as "the top of the world". This voluntary initiative was a symbolic gift from the Lebanese Red Cross to the ICRC, to mark our 150th anniversary, on the occasion of 150 years on founding ICRC (1863). The flag of the Red Cross emblem
  • 2015, run 1000 km was covered, all across Lebanon, within a time frame of 14 days, The run spanned from one Lebanese Red Cross Blood Bank through all the other blood banks in Lebanon. During these 14 days, awareness of the importance of blood donation was spread, and many pledges from people to donate blood were collected.