Ali Wehbi, "Extreme runner, Adventurer" has a fantastic record of extreme running and never before seen achievements.

His passion for running took him to the four corners of the globe.

He is the first Arab ever to take on such an ambitious challenge and to participate in an elusive achievement in the four deserts. Until this day only one hundred and twenty five extreme runner have been able to reach the finish line.

By achieving this physical and spiritual journey unto self discovery, this outstanding man entered the circle of the 4 Deserts Club.

  He is the first Arab to ever participate in the 7 Continents Race, an extreme race, that consists of more than 100 kms in each continent.

- In January 12, 2012, Ali was Awarded by Lebanese President, Michel Suleiman, The National Order of the Cedar, Knight Grade.

- In 2007, he received the medal of "Lebanese Order of Merit” from the Lebanese President, Emile Lahoud.

- In April 2013, Ali Wehbi planted the flag of the Red Cross emblem in the North Pole. The flag was a gift from the Lebanese Red Cross to the ICRC, for its 150th anniversary